short vacation

Last week i just go have fun with my friends. We go to the beaches. It's really nice place to go. Many activity we have done such as snorkeling, shopping, hiking etc.It's pretty interesting stuff. Now, I understand why people said that ocean can give us peace mind.
when we go to snorkeling we got to see many thing such as sea cucumber, turtle, shark, and jellyfish.

When we go to the beach, one of my friend lost her sandal when we play with water. Then, we all tried to find it but it disappointing. However, the next day when we back from snorkeling we find her sandal near the jetty. we all laugh because that night we tried pretty hard to find it.

Now, i'am back to my university. Assignment is waiting for me. I think I should take class for time management.

p/s: sorry for grammar mistake.Have a nice day.

donate blood

since my university held a campaign for donate blood..i think i should go to contribute. I still afraid with needles but if the blood can save people i volunteered to do it..
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